You’ve been working hard all this time. Shocking as it may be, this unplanned break could be the ideal opportunity to carefully consider what you want from the next chapter of your life. You may want to change industry or role. You may want to start your own business, or move to a different location. Alternatively, you may simply want to get back into a similar role as quickly as possible. Whatever thoughts are swirling around your head, it is essential to invest some time in getting clear.

  • If your employer is paying for support from a specific outplacement provider, find out whether this is an actual no-alternative obligation or whether it’s just a convenient option. It is entirely appropriate to ask if you can select your own outplacement provider for the same money. The problem with a lot of outplacement providers is that they generally offer generic advice and/or online content that is not tailored to your unique needs. They are experts in their field but one-to-one access is unfortunately minimal.
  • However, if your employer is allowing you to choose your outplacement provider, you may prefer an individually tailored service from a solo Career Clarity Coach. You will not only be better served, but given the huge difference in fee structures between well-known corporate providers and a solo Career Clarity Coach, you will have one-to-one support for much longer!
  • Obviously, choosing the right Career Coach is important. This is a huge part of your life and you want the best you can afford! Working with an experienced, supportive and compassionate coach will help you quickly rebuild your confidence, help you enhance your personal brand with integrity and minimise the impact of this event on your career.

What does this Outplacement Service look like?

  1. We start by understanding you as a whole person; what work you enjoy doing, your motivations, your valuable skills and accomplishments and unique value to the marketplace (you will be amazed what comes out of this step!)
  2. We look at options for your Future Direction, be they as an employee, a contractor, self-employed or something else.
  3. You receive a highly relevant and uniquely tailored Professional Toolkit to make you appeal to whoever you need to appeal to, be that potential employers, recruiters, associates, clients, customers etc.
  4. We develop a strategic action plan, with all the practical support you need to achieve your new-found professional aspirations. After the unsettling experience that redundancy can be, through one-to-one flexible coaching, your confidence is quickly rebuilt as you will understand your unique value like never before. You will be confident that you are making the best decisions at this stage of your life. Working with me will re-energise you and breathe new life into you.

Curious to find out more?

If you’re an individual, book a complimentary call with me to see if I am the person you could entrust with this important and even life changing “project”.

If you’re a small to medium sized organisation with employees in the UK, book a Service Provider Discussion with me in complete confidence and we can discuss the situation.

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