Wouldn’t it be great if you could just copy the content of your CV over to your LinkedIn profile, connect with people and occasionally post comments. Easy. However, if you want to use LinkedIn to promote your credibility with prospective employers, recruiters or clients, a copy and paste profile isn’t enough. Delegating this project to me means you receive best-practice guidance and get the results you want from your LinkedIn presence.

Knowing how to strategically optimise every setting and look relevant is complex. In addition, LinkedIn introduces new functionality every four months. Keeping on top these changes when this isn’t your full-time job is almost impossible. I ensure your profile represents your authentic self and professional aspirations and actively works on your behalf.

Once you have a new optimised profile, we agree a realistic platform strategy that makes you visible at the right time, in the right way, to the right people.

An optimised profile:

  • Authentically and persuasively communicates your credibility
  • Reflects your professional aspirations
  • Uses all the latest functionality to its full potential to make you more visible
  • Appeals to your target viewers (recruiters, hiring managers, colleagues, customers, etc.)
  • Makes you feel confident in the presentation of your personal brand on such a public platform
  • Enables the creation of a realistic platform strategy to achieve your professional objectives