Some of the many areas we discuss are:

  • Your suitability for being an employee, a contractor, interim, self-employed or something else
  • A recommended direction for your career/business to consider immediately or in the future
  • The value of your career up to now and the costs of tolerating (or the benefits of staying in) your current situation
  • The “Why” of your future professional purpose
  • What the best scenario is for you regarding seniority, hybrid working, team leadership
  • The values and culture you need to seek in order to flourish and do your best work
  • What essential and desirable skills you wish to pursue or develop – and which to avoid!
  • How many potential conflicts you have and what they mean for your future decision-making
  • Any blind spot (derailer) that could potentially hold you back and advice on how to handle it
  • Powerful words you can use to describe yourself on your LinkedIn profile/CV/website
  • Knowledge that the future you are creating is an accurate reflection of who you are

Having a professional career coach and sounding board is invaluable in preparing and guiding you towards work you’ll love.