It is useful to periodically measure how well your current organisation, team and role are enabling you to thrive and review how well you are fuelling your own aspirations.

The Annual Review Service is a mini audit and reset in one. It allows existing clients to:

  • Identify early if there are any challenges that are going to cause you future trouble, stress or dissatisfaction
  • Checking you are on the right career trajectory
  • Check whether you are compromising who you are or what you stand for
  • Maintain clarity around the expectations people have of you
  • Discuss any past or future promotion and areas for professional development

You get a chance to gain an updated view of your professional world and actually compare yourself to how things were for you previously. Over a two-hour Zoom Coaching Call we address what is most valuable to you, for example:

  • Strategically maximising your role (“squeezing all the juice from the orange”)
  • Identifying and prioritising work/personal milestones
  • Winning the trust of any changes in colleagues, suppliers or industry peer relationships
  • Preserving your self-confidence, wellbeing, energy levels and weekly productivity
  • Preparing for your next informal or formal appraisal, review or presentation and formulating a plan with your manager
  • Maintaining your industry network (without networking)
  • Ensuring your LinkedIn profile is relevant and uses the latest features properly