Stephen Cloves

HR consultant, Linked HR

Last month I was fortunate enough to go through the process of Motivational Maps. The support received from Suzanne was fantastic and her understanding of me as an individual (even though we have never met) was amazing. The insights I received into my own motivation and also my level of satisfaction with my current situation were spot on – even though I didn’t realise it until Suzanne provided me with the details!

Since completing the process I have an action plan to move forward with real goals and I have to say I have completed most of them and feel in a far better place.

For Suzanne to know that I needed to reconnect with contacts and clients I had lost touch with (done, with new work acquired) to needing get a grip on my pensions (done and I feel much better for it) to the need to reconsider my offering (nearly finished but already paying benefits) was quite incredible. I would love my contacts and clients alike to gain the same clarity I have both in my business and how I support my business.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Motivational Maps to anyone who wants to improve their own, or their team’s performance.

I thought I was in a good place and the tool showed I was. However, I’m now in an even better one. Thank you Suzanne.”