Deputy Head of an Independent School in Berkshire

Before we spoke I had been feeling very uncertain about how to move on from my current job. I was frustrated and generally unhappy, becoming more and more negative about my current role.

Before you coached me, I’d had general concerns about how much help I could get from working with a coach (having not done that before) and I’d also had specific concerns around ‘escaping’ the field of education.

Working with you has given me a clearer idea of what it is I want and actually how that is affecting where I am now. I have a vision as to how I am going to make things change. This has given me motivation and meant that a ‘weight has been lifted’ knowing I do have other options.

I feel very satisfied and have absolutely had value for money. I also felt comfortable discussing all aspects of my concerns and plans etc with you whilst also having fun.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants a clear focus and the range of options for support.