Head of Internal Communications

I have benefited from Suzanne’s expertise in a number of areas: coaching, mentoring, LinkedIn profile review/update and she revitalised my tired CV and cover letter.

Before she became my Executive Coach, my career was taking a new direction within an organisation that was giving me little to no support. I felt passionately about my new role and the impact it could have but lacked confidence and didn’t believe I knew what I was doing. I felt in over my head in a very visible role.

I’d never worked with a coach/mentor/consultant on “me” before and I was concerned at being vulnerable and letting my guard down to show (what I thought) were weaknesses/inabilities. We had an instant rapport and as someone who doesn’t always “like” people, I have always enjoyed our conversations. She has really taken the time and trouble to get to know me which has further enabled her to support me in ways I didn’t know I needed. Though we have become friendly I recognise she is always within professional boundaries and has a tough job keeping me on track!

After a few years of her providing Executive Coaching, when I decided to change roles, we completed a Map which helped me make some big career decisions. The CV and cover letter she wrote was kick ass! They worked immediately! During the interview for the Head of Communications role, the Marketing Director told me she had received over 300 CVs for the role. She had selected just 8 to interview – of which I was one (pretty chuffed). And I was invited back for a second interview which shows she positioned me properly.

I am now in a new challenging and strategic role.

Suzanne is genuine, thoughtful, articulate, and attentive. Those personality traits, coupled with her professional skills, means she is a great person to have on your team. It’s reassuring to know that Suzanne is there a constant source of support and guidance.

We have regular Coaching Calls. I can talk things over with her and she gives me an honest, measured view. I feel as though I have an ally on my team, someone whose opinion I respect, value and actively seek.

She is invaluable – not only in the practical sense with LI, CV and cover letter, but for me personally and having that professional support.

If you’re thinking about a way to fast-track your career, get in touch. You won’t regret it.