Project Manager

Before working with Suzanne I was a bit lost and somewhat disheartened about the prospect of finding a job that could possibly match my skill set. I was in need of independent direction and some structure to my career search. I had been applying but felt low and rejected. I had begun to question my abilities as I was receiving little or no feedback from the companies / people I was applying to. My search criteria had become randomised and wholly inefficient.

I was apprehensive at first as to how much Suzanne would get to know me in such a relatively short amount of contact time. I was concerned that my specialist industry sector would be difficult for Suzanne to understand quickly particularly as I had a large element of family relationship factors which cannot be easily described. After the first call I was completely at ease and not afraid to share any detail even if this revealed personal insecurities.

I felt valued again and filled with confidence. I made calls and enquiries that I would never have considered prior to our discussions. My mindset was far more focussed and targeted towards not only what I needed from a career but what I wanted too. Although my actual new job did not come from the sectors we had agreed to explore, I still felt empowered and emboldened to seek out this opportunity based on her coaching.

The work undertaken was done in a progressive but relaxed atmosphere. I felt that my best interests were being held in mind over and above a contractual arrangement.

Suzanne has a wonderfully calm and positive reinforcement ability, along with the marketplace knowhow, to steer the lost and afraid to success and greater self-esteem. Suzanne’s intervention represents excellent value particularly when compared to other offers of a similar service.