Functional Excellence, Oil & Gas Industry

Before getting in touch with you, I had been feeling worried, stressed and anxious at going into the job market after a long time with one company.

I was concerned about the value this service would bring to my job type and the price compared to standard CV update offerings. But she was very generous with her time and I did get value for money. I now feel clearer on what skills I have and the value I offer. I feel a lot more confident and self assured.

Suzanne was really easy and fun to talk to. I’ve learnt so much and it has been a joy to work with her. She has a forensic, detective approach to learning about the company which I admire. I enjoyed her collaborative and iterative approach.

I would say to someone that you pay for what you get – quality! Suzanne is brilliant.

As a coach, she will invest time getting to know you and creating insights about you to help focus your job hunting goals. Then expertly researches to fine tune and target your CV and applications. It changed my perception of a CV purely being an art to being data driven and scientific. I’m grateful for Suzanne’s support to transform and create a more competitive CV and LinkedIn profile and applications, which landed my first choice of role.

I have no hesitation in recommending her. I’d happily chat to anyone considering working with her, if they want to chat to a client.