Professional Services Director

I felt restless and needing to move on from my current company but was unsure what kind of role in what kind of environment I should be looking. I felt unable to act effectively.

Before the Career Clarity Service my fear was that I wouldn’t learn anything new and I would still feel unable to move forward. However, after our first conversation, I started feeling calmer quite quickly. You advised without ever assuming that your professional experience would ‘know’ more than my gut feeling. It’s all a discussion, not a right or wrong.

After three years of stress, I now feel more in control of where I’m going. I definitely feel like I have had value for my investment. A lot of change has happened inside me that would not have happened without you.

I went from feeling like a hamster in a wheel with too many options, too many ideas to a more focused clarity of where my next step may be. I don’t think I’d have dared to see myself as you do, even though I’m sure I have the necessary skills and experience.

I’m a strong believer that the right people come at the right point in time and you’re certainly one of those. I have already recommended you to a friend. Thank you for your fabulous support, Suzanne!