Dale S

Founder and CEO

After the company I was working for was acquired by a massive global firm, I knew it wasn’t going to work for me. I didn’t just want to slip into another role in a similar company, and really wanted to use this transition as an opportunity to make a proactive and explicit decision about my next move and take charge of my career.

I found Suzanne on LinkedIn and got in touch. When we started working together, I was surprised by how quickly we gelled and how I felt she genuinely cared about me and my progress. As a coach, I wasn’t expecting her to be so hands on. Her methodology and the way she got her hands dirty with tasks was incredible.

After the discovery work, Suzanne told me I wasn’t destined for employment. Either contracting or ideally having my own company. This scared me, but with Suzanne’s support I made the leap and am now Founder and CEO of something I always wanted to do. She has given me back 1000% of the investment I made and without her support in this formative year, none of it would have happened.