European Digital Communications Manager

Before our initial conversation I was somewhat frustrated about my current role and looking for a fresh perspective on the next steps, preferably with my current employer. I felt I was going around in circles, asking myself the same questions, resulting in more frustration.

I had been concerned that a coach would not necessarily understand the peculiarities of the communications profession but Suzanne was a great sounding board. She helped me sort out the options I had already listed for myself, but for which I needed a reality check. She helped me process some of the options I had in my head, understand which were most viable given my personality traits, and come to terms with some obvious options I had been unsure about.

She relieved the stress and frustration by focusing on options that made more sense. She helped put to bed some of the incessant questioning.

I definitely recommend this Foundations Service. The value I got exceeded my expectations in such a short time frame. It was even better and more tailored than the 360 assessment I happened to be doing in parallel through my employer.