Project Manager

After being in one job for 25 years, I was suddenly made redundant which was a real shock and rocked me to the core. I was suffering from low self-esteem and self-doubt.

Faced with a choice of working with a large, established and faceless outplacement agency, Suzanne was recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance. And well-meaning as they are, my friends and family have not been able to give me the detailed, professional guidance I needed, and Suzanne has provided in abundance.

From the start, she understood the challenges of looking for employment in the middle years of your life, especially having been out of the job market for a while (as I have been) and your confidence has been knocked.

As well as overhauling completely my LinkedIn profile, CV and covering letters, she provided support and training on interview techniques which were completely rusty from decades of non-use.

She’s always in my corner, encouraging me all the way and picking me up after setbacks. A swift kick is also administered when necessary. An incorrigible optimistic.

As a direct result of working with Suzanne, my mindset has turned around 180 degrees from thinking that there was no hope for me, to one which is confident and self-assured about my future prospects. This attitude has permeated into all aspects of my life, creating a virtuous cycle.

Whilst I don’t have a job yet, all the foundations have been laid and the skills set is in place to ensure that this will be resolved soon. I thoroughly recommend Suzanne to anyone requiring assistance in pursuing a role change.

Update 1: I was tempted to look elsewhere for extra support, but what a waste! I went on a full two day “All the Techniques You Need to Land a Job” training course and learnt not one thing new! Suzanne had already given me everything they mentioned – and more. I do realise that I should have started listening to her much earlier. And that all I need to do now is maintain my mindset.

Update 2: I have now got a role in a new industry, and feel excited about my future. Her support has been invaluable in helping me navigate the new and unknown.