Kathy Soulsby

Business Support Manager

It was a detailed report but clear to read and easily digestible. What I liked in particular was firstly that it draws out what motivates you and secondly that it offers suggestions to get more of what it is you need, it’s not an abstract, academic exercise – it’s a practical way of making my current role work better for me. Or, if the role itself can’t be flexed, looking at ways to add them to my life outside of work to gain overall balance. There were some areas which seemed to contradict each other but actually, that’s very much my experience – I enjoy security and therefore a reasonable amount of routine but I am also a lover of flexibility! I did kind of know this, but it is really helpful to have some strategies now to feed both of those needs so one doesn’t dominate my work life at the expense of the other.

It really was a fascinating experience and 5 months on I am still using the things I have learnt to make decisions about how to structure my work and free time to get the most out of it. I’d recommend it to anyone.