Thinking of Changing Career?

Are you at a career crossroads and feeling lost?

  • Do you want to know specifically what you personally need to look for – and avoid – in your next career move?
  • Do you want to understand what’s most important to you at this stage in your professional life?
  • Do you want to understand precisely to what level your current situation is fulfilling you – and why?
  • Do you want to know whether being employed or self-employed would suit you best?
  • For a new role, do you want to know the most important questions that you personally need to ask the interviewer?
  • For a new business or creative endeavour, do you want to know what sort of options would be good to explore?

I help the experienced, yet demotivated, over 40s who are thinking of a career change but are feeling a bit lost and don’t know what direction to take.


When you are happy at work – whether in employment your own business – you thrive. You do your best work, have the best ideas and seem to have loads of energy. And this has a greater impact on everyone you are in contact with – your colleagues, customers, friends and family. When you recognise and accommodate what is uniquely important to you, you can be much more confident in your professional choices.

“No matter how people reach their career crossroads, it is my privilege to help them recalibrate their compass and guide them towards their motivating working life.”


My clients learn what is professionally uniquely important to them at this stage in their life and what they must have and avoid in the future to feel fulfilled, excited and renewed.

Depending on what’s right for them, my clients are given at least one motivating new role idea or a motivating new business idea. That brings clarity and relief even though it might be a bit unexpected! And isn’t that exciting?


The first step is to become aware of who you are today and what’s important to you right now. We use an ISO accredited diagnostic tool called a Motivational Map. I interpret the results, set you some thought-provoking homework, and in our two calls, out comes my own brand of honest and sensitive insight and the magic starts.

After you’ve had the Clarity Service, you will already know what direction to take. You may feel able to take the time to navigate the route there on your own.

If self-employment is your new route, armed with your motivating new business idea, you are given next steps and places to find business start-up or franchise guidance and advice. I am not a business coach so unfortunately cannot offer ongoing new business support.

If it turns out that employment is best for you, my clients can choose some/all of the tailored options below:


  1. A CV upgrade and a LinkedIn profile upgrade to increase your visibility and appeal to recruiters and HR
  2. A strong cover letter that makes your uniqueness shine through and significantly increases your chances of getting an interview
  3. Efficient feedback on whether or not you should apply to those particular job adverts you’ve seen – and what specifically to include in the cover letter and what to leave till interview
  4. Interview preparation – what questions should you personally ask the interviewer? How should you personally answer those difficult interview questions? You can even have a practice interview rehearsal sessions

Here are some quotes from recent testimonials that say it better than I can:

I sent Suzanne a message on LinkedIn as I was wondering where I should take my career. When we spoke, she quickly highlighted something important about my experience. Then she sowed the seed of a career change suggestion which I have successfully taken the first step towards. She gave me confidence and support when I needed to to make an important decision. I would recommend that others with career questions get in touch like I did. She really has had a positive impact on me in which I can’t thank her enough.

Motivational Maps are particularly good if you are in any way stuck around your career or feeling dissatisfied with work. Suzanne was extremely insightful in working with me to apply the report to my current situation and defining actions steps forward. Highly recommended.

It was incredibly helpful as it reassured me I was going in the right direction, and that I could make it a success.

The main thing I feel now is that my desire to take a new career path is somehow validated. A lot of uncertainty and insecurity has been expelled and I feel energised to really focus on my future business.

A natural coach with insights that verged on psychic at times! Suzanne listens, observes and asks some killer questions that help shift perspectives and ways forward. She’s also very engaging, fun and inspiring to be around.

What I liked in particular was firstly that it draws out what motivates you and secondly that it offers suggestions to get more of what it is you need. It’s not an abstract, academic exercise. It’s a practical way of making my work suit me better.

I would definitely recommend to anyone that they should talk to you if they are serious about making positive changes in their life to feel more fulfilled and happy in their work. It can only be a good thing for a person’s overall wellbeing. (Cliché alert) We only get one chance at life so it seems a shame not to take every opportunity to make it a happy one.

Thank you so much for your support and for inspiring a change. I feel like I have regained my confidence. I can’t thank you enough.

I am fully trained and licensed to deliver the unique and proven Individual Motivational Maps® and use them as the foundation to the Career Clarity Service.


If you want to speak in confidence to someone who has your best career interests at heart and gives you clarity about your next career move, click here to Schedule Appointment for a 20 minute complimentary Career Next Steps Call with me. I can only work with a few clients, so the first step is to book a to see if we’re a good fit.

Remove all that uncertainty and find out which way to go! What’s your good reason to stop you doing this right now?

Call me so I can understand your situation and suggest appropriate next steps for you. I am passionate about discovering what’s just right for you. And it could be just around the corner, if you’re ready!

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