Would you like 2020 Career Clarity?

Maybe you’re at a career crossroads and a bit confused?

  • Do you want to know specifically what you personally need to look for – and avoid – in your next career move?
  • Do you want to understand what’s most important to you professionally at this stage of your life?
  • Do you want to understand precisely to what level your current situation is fulfilling you – or not fulfilling you – and why?
  • Do you want to know whether being employed or self-employed would suit you best?
  • For a new role, do you want to know the most important questions that you personally need to ask the interviewer?
  • For a new business or creative endeavour, do you want to know what sort of options would be good to explore?

I help the UK’s intelligent over 40s who are thinking of a new role or possible career change but are feeling a bit lost and don’t have clarity on what direction to take.

When you are happy at work – whether in employment your own business – you thrive. You do your best work, have the best ideas and seem to have loads of energy. And this has a greater impact on everyone you are in contact with – your colleagues, customers, friends and family. When you recognise and accommodate what is uniquely important to you, you can be much more confident in your professional choices. It’s life changing.

My clients are highly capable, experienced senior employed and even self-employed people in the UK, predominantly over 40, ready to make a significant career move but are feeling somewhat stuck at their particular career crossroads. I uncover what’s uniquely important to people at this stage in life and guide their transition towards either a motivating new role or a motivating new business – or something else!

“No matter how people reach their career crossroads, it is my privilege to help them re-calibrate their compass and guide them towards their motivating working life.”

My clients learn what is professionally uniquely important to them at this stage in their life and what they must have and avoid in the future to feel fulfilled, excited and renewed. That brings clarity and relief even though it might be a bit unexpected! Then I help to open the right doors for them and lead them through.


Foundation Service – Your Professional Motivating Values:

It’s hard to objectively explore lasting professional satisfaction by yourself. Here’s the description of the Service that is helping people like you make good career choices (and prevent bad ones).

Are you unclear about what professional situation would best suit you at this stage of your life? Do you want to stop making bad choices, wasting your time and having a constant sense of unease about what to do next? This service gives you immense clarity on where to focus your energy and attention to quickly move to the next stage of your professional life.

The professional fundamentals that you will at last get clarity on include:

  • Your suitability for being employed, contractor, self-employed, franchise owner, partnership or something else
  • What types of organisational culture suits you best and least, e.g. private, public, not for profit, start-ups, established, recently merged, corporates, associates, partners etc.
  • The most suitable working structure e.g. working remotely, heading up a team, what type of colleagues/manager you need
  • What you can proudly highlight and what is best to minimise in any applications or online personal branding
  • A deep understanding as to why you have been dissatisfied with your current/last roles and a knowledge of what to avoid next time!
  • What your professional blind spot is (your career derailer) that you need to acknowledge in your next workplace in order to succeed.


Your Profession Vision Identified (Dream Job or Own Business):

You do not have to decide which to choose as that decision is one of the many direct outputs of the Foundation Professional Motivations Service and is completely obvious which one is right for you. Each:

  • gives you confidence that there is an ideal profession/business that’s right for you
  • identifies a dream career goal/business idea
  • prevents confusion/panic about what you “should” be doing with the rest of your life
  • gives you practical and immediate role/business choices to make


Best in Class Role Finding Toolkit:

Have an instant confidence boost with my highly regarded toolkit:

  • CV Re-write and guaranteed upgrade
  • LinkedIn Profile optimisation
  • Personalised cover letter
  • Plenty of personalised support
  • Invaluable personalised bonuses


Flexible Bundles:

Flexible bundles suit you if you’re

a) looking for a role and need support with role finding activities but don’t want to commit to a Monthly Package.

b) an existing client who has just started a new role (congratulations!) and you want my advice on tap to improve your self-confidence, performance, well being or productivity.

In both cases, it is a huge comfort to have someone who knows you, ready, willing and able to help you whenever you need it!


Monthly Personalised Role Finding Packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold Platinum):

Verbal guidance, advice, accountability PLUS done-for-you work. If you are committed to getting a role in the most hassle-free way possible, you receive my priority attention, my considered advice and my best teachings. You use your time and energy efficiently, you don’t make bad decisions, you get guided through the convoluted processes, learn the most efficient techniques and approaches. You will secure your next role more easily, more quickly, more confidently and with more focus than if you choose to go it alone. You can move between packages accordingly.



If you want to speak in confidence to someone who has your best career interests at heart and gives you clarity about your next steps, click here to Schedule Appointment for a 60 minute complimentary Career Next Steps Call with me. I can only work with a few select clients, so the first step is to book a to see if we’re a good fit.

Remove all that uncertainty, power over that career crossroads and find out which way to go! What’s your good reason to stop you doing this right now?

Call me so I can understand your situation and suggest appropriate next steps for you. I am passionate about discovering what’s just right for you. And it could be just around the corner, if you’re ready.

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Here are some quotes from recent testimonials that say it better than I can:

Working with you was the singular best thing I have done this year to get my thinking about career issues on track. Not only did I get the opportunity to understand myself and my work life better, refocussing my thinking about what is important to me, crucially it helped steer me away from poorer decisions too.

My fear was that Suzanne would lack substance, be too fluffy or would push me too fast into making decisions. None of which was the case. Suzanne carefully guided me through a thorough evaluation of my strengths to root around in my career and personal goals, uncovering ambitions long forgotten and tucked away.

Finally, I’d like to say how much value I got. I’d recommend Suzanne to others facing a similar career roadblock. This was not fluffy, navel gazing personality based assassination – it’s been a valuable, professional and extremely useful journey with many a belly laugh along the way.

Seeing as you updated my CV and LinkedIn profile for me, I thought you’d like to know that during the interview for the role, the Director told me she had received over 300 CVs. She had selected just 8 to interview – of which I was one.

The main thing I feel now is that my desire to take a new career path is somehow validated. A lot of uncertainty and insecurity has been expelled and I feel energised to really focus on my future business.

A natural coach with insights that verged on psychic at times! Suzanne listens, observes and asks some killer questions that help shift perspectives and ways forward. She’s also very engaging, fun and inspiring to be around.

Thank you so much for your support and for inspiring a change. I feel like I have regained my confidence. I can’t thank you enough.

I would definitely recommend to anyone that they should talk to you if they are serious about making positive changes in their life to feel more fulfilled and happy in their work. It can only be a good thing for a person’s overall well being. (Cliché alert) We only get one chance at life so it seems a shame not to take every opportunity to make it a happy one.