Rebound Relationships don’t work. Nor do Rebound Roles.

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You’ve just found out that you’re losing your job.

One day, out of the blue you find out in some – probably heartless – way that you’re losing you job. A horrid moment. You didn’t see this coming. You are not prepared. You are angry. You are sad. You have not been given the chance to say goodbye to everyone. You have not have the chance to mentally leave the building before you find yourself handing in your ID badge.

A decision has been made for you. Done to you. You have not been involved in the decision and you are not in control of the process. The rug has been pulled from under your feet. You are probably now floating somewhere between denial and depression. These different emotions take time to pass. Your day to day thinking and judgements can be clouded with pain.

You have had no warning, so your thinking, reflecting and developing of possible ideas as to what to do next can be started only after you leave. You have not had the time to have those important inner dialogues with yourself about what to do next.

You cannot immediately accept what has happened or propel yourself forward with utter confidence. You are therefore not immediately in the best state of mind, so how do you expect to immediately make your best decisions?

You risk making professional decisions only as a reaction to your loss rather than as a natural next step on your professional journey.

Rebound relationships

It’s a bit like when you say you’re ready for a new partner, yet you’re still raw and so on the rebound. You’re not 100% balanced.

After a personal relationship has broken down (even if you were the one who instigated the break up), when you seek to find security or boost your self-esteem through immediately being with someone else, you are likely to choose a relationship that is unfulfilling in the long term.

But what next?

Well, relationships can be seen as Nice To Have. Generating an income to fund your life is rather more probably a Need To Have. But don’t worry, losing your job doesn’t mean the end of the world.

So, you need to find a new role. Or should you become self-employed. Or is there something else you haven’t considered?

You are not the same person as when you first started working. You have accumulated a wealth of experiences. You have learnt about yourself, your preferences and the things that do and don’t come naturally. You have possibly mellowed or become even more passionate. You want either more or less responsibility than before. Losing your job allows to you evaluate your life. What else has changed?

Wouldn’t it be entirely useful to somehow increase the chances of the next role fulfilling you? Or are you happy to settle for a Rebound Role? Are you happy to compromise who you are just to pay the bills? I shudder at the thought.

You’re at a Career Crossroads – what now?

If you find yourself at a career crossroads and feel even vaguely lost, here is the process I take my clients through:

  • Step 1: Analyse and re-connect with what’s uniquely important in your working life (using a unique diagnostic tool, not based on either your personality or your skills)
  • Step 2: Look at your most recent role and compare it with current professional needs (using said tool)
  • Step 3: Remove indecision and become clearer about your contribution, role type, manager, organisation and industries that reflect your needs. Be prepared for some thought provoking realisations during a confidential consultation around the best options for you (Career Clarity Discovery Package)
  • Step 4: Take recommended actions, see things moving forward towards your new destination
  • Step 5: Make your own way or have ongoing guidance (using the Silver, Gold or Platinum Inspiring Career Packages available)

That’s it!

Why be worried when you can be relaxed in your search? Why sink when you can fly?

I am a qualified Career Coach and accompany clients when they reach professional crossroads, no matter how they arrive there. It would be my privilege to be your champion and your guide as we discover what professional direction suits you best and how to move towards it.

Ready to take action? Book in a 20 minute complimentary and confidential Careers Next Steps call. I can only work with a few clients, so the first step is to book a to see if we’re a good fit. Schedule Appointment

It would be my privilege to be your champion and your guide as we discover what professional direction suits you best and how to prepare yourself to get there.

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About Suzanne Bourner

My mission has been unchanged for decades: I champion people. I want people to feel proud of what they do to earn their living. I love supporting people as they travel down their new path. When my clients get offered roles or start their own business, the only credit I can genuinely take is whatever the client chooses to give me. But I do allow myself to get rather excited for them.