“I’d love to know if being self-employed is right for me.”

Fortune teller with a crystal ball

Now where’s my crystal ball?

Every now and again, some employed people wonder whether they would better off being self employed. Every now and again, even people who have already been self-employed and have become employees again still wonder which is best.

Recently, a lovely lady came to me with a question:

I’ve been self employed for 15 years. I don’t know whether to tweak my current offering, launch a new business or find a job. What do you think?

Well, without knowing anything about what is important to her, how could I possibly answer that question? I couldn’t simply guess. That would be useless and unethical. So I explained how I work and that I would answer her question once and for all. She wanted to put a stop to that incessant wondering. She wanted to try my approach.

I’m sensitive to people’s situations, but clear in my observations and I want the best for them. So I say what I see.

No crystal balls were used in the making of my conclusions. It turned out that whilst being self employed had been the right choice in the past, it was no longer right for her at this stage in her life.

Wow. After fifteen years, how does one walk away from familiarity and a strong identity and easily fit into an employed role? Luckily, she was open minded and listened when I gave her the questions I felt she needed to ask in interviews to make sure that the role and culture were right for her. We did some interview role play and bingo! She got the job!

How can you personally keep updated as to whether the decisions you’ve made in the past about being employed or self employed are still valid today? Clients change, technology changes, your role changes, your manager changes, your personal circumstances change and you change too.

You need to examine areas like:

  • your need for freedom, people and direction
  • how happy you are to work from a blank piece of paper or whether you prefer working from a draft
  • how healthy your relationship with money is
  • how much you procrastinate or achieve
  • if you have skills and knowledge that will be of value in the wider marketplace

It’s not guesswork. There is a science behind it. Are you ready to find out which option is right for you at this stage in your life without any crystal balls?

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About Suzanne Bourner

My mission has been unchanged for decades: I champion people. I want people to feel proud of what they do to earn their living. I love supporting people as they travel down their new path. When my clients get offered roles or start their own business, the only credit I can genuinely take is whatever the client chooses to give me. But I do allow myself to get rather excited for them.