Fearful of a Midlife Career Change? Of course.

Fearful of a Midlife Career Change? Well…

All of my clients are fearful of a midlife career change to some degree. They wouldn’t be human if they weren’t. Some fears speak to us quietly, some loudly, persistently or in waves.

Fear is present because our brain wants to keep us safe. It’s trying to protect us and keep us within our normal comfort zone, which is understandable, but not terribly helpful when it comes to making changes to our professional situation.

Momentum is key

In my Career Clarity Service, we examine the relative need for security, predictability and knowing everything in detail – and other motivators. 30% of my clients are frightened of change, but they are not fearful as such, otherwise they wouldn’t have got in touch with me in the first place.

After this initial service, those 30% would prefer to go into a “Heightened Self-Awareness Hibernation” to process their learnings and “aha” moments. However, I have put mechanisms in place which prevent even my most fearful clients from hiding. This means that they keep their momentum up, which creates progress and builds confidence.

Things keep getting better

I get a secret thrill each time a client casually mentions the unexpectedly good things that have invariably “happened like magic” – in their worlds. As my clients begin to accept a different mindset and vision, their decision making, their conversations and their behaviours change accordingly. The benefits of this can be seen even in their current role (if they have one), which is a welcome relief as it means that whilst they are looking for a new role, they enjoy their current role more.

Clients remember aspects about themselves that had been neglected. The Career Clarity Service reboots people to “suddenly” become motivated to reach their full potential. They get clearer about the value they place on themselves as individuals, how they wish to spend their time, what they want to include and what they want to exclude in their life. Others are inspired to re-invest in a previous creative interest they’d lost sight of.

The changes that take place on the inside enable changes to take place on the outside.

Working with me regularly, clients become bolder, invigorated and more focused. Which is wonderful. I guide them in very practical ways to their new destination and beyond. Which may or may not be a change in career depending on the whole new landscape of their life. A few people stay in their current role, but with improved salary, terms and conditions, better job title, more exciting projects and more relaxed working relationships. Most people take their next step towards an exciting chapter that reflects their future self, not who they used to be.

Top Tip to Reduce Fear

Rather than ignoring your fears, listen ultra carefully to them. Get clear on what emotion you are pushing away. This is what you need to work on. You will learn challenging truths that could serve you beautifully, if you are courageous enough to face them. Even my 30% most fearful clients manage to dig deep and get excited by their future.

So the question is: how much do you want to allow these fears to shape your professional world?

If you are ready to tell me that you, not your fears, are going to shape your own future, why not schedule an appointment for a complimentary conversation and tell me about your situation? Read some client stories here: Client Reviews

About Suzanne Bourner

My mission has been unchanged for decades: I champion people. I want people to feel proud of what they do to earn their living. I love supporting people as they travel down their new path. When my clients get offered roles or start their own business, the only credit I can genuinely take is whatever the client chooses to give me. But I do allow myself to get rather excited for them.