COVID-19: UK Government financial support

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Here are the official links about the UK’s COVID-19 financial support and sources of information:

Daily press conference videos

If you want one official daily update, these press conferences are broadcast live at 5pm and hosted here:

Latest impacts on the UK economy

How long will this last and what are the longer term effects on my work? I trust the opinions here:

Financial support if you’re an employee or own a Ltd business

What does it mean to be an employee or a company director in organisations affected by Coronavirus?

updated 10 April 2020

Financial support if you’re seeking a role

There are 30% fewer roles currently being advertised. But there are still roles and numbers will improve. In the meantime, here’s the Government’s news about accessing COVID-19 financial support at this time:

latest update 14 April 2020

Financial support if you’re self-employed

Here’s where you can see what Government COVID-19 financial support is available for the self-employed:

Latest personal safety guidelines

There is confusing information about what lockdown restrictions mean. No matter what our personal view of the measures, it is a good idea to refer to the official source of information:

Latest personal health guidelines

Be safe, stay optimistically creative and be kind to yourself and others.

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