Client Reviews

Deciding on a midlife career change may be causing you some understandable anxiety. Read on to see how others have benefited from my expertise and maybe I can help you navigate your own journey with my consultative career services. Feedback is always appreciated.



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I felt that my best interests were being held in mind over and above a contractual arrangement

Before working with Suzanne I was a bit lost and somewhat disheartened about the prospect of finding a job that could possibly match my skill set. I was in need of independent direction and some structure to my career search. I had been applying but felt low and rejected. I had begun to question my abilities as I was receiving little or no feedback from the companies / people I was applying to. My search criteria had become randomised and wholly inefficient.

I was apprehensive at first as to how much Suzanne would get to know me in such a relatively short amount of contact time. I was concerned that my specialist industry sector would be difficult for Suzanne to understand quickly particularly as I had a large element of family relationship factors which cannot be easily described. After the first call I was completely at ease and not afraid to share any detail even if this revealed personal insecurities.

I felt valued again and filled with confidence. I made calls and enquiries that I would never have considered prior to our discussions. My mindset was far more focussed and targeted towards not only what I needed from a career but what I wanted too. Although my actual new job did not come from the sectors we had agreed to explore, I still felt empowered and emboldened to seek out this opportunity based on her coaching.

The work undertaken was done in a progressive but relaxed atmosphere. I felt that my best interests were being held in mind over and above a contractual arrangement.

Suzanne has a wonderfully calm and positive reinforcement ability, along with the marketplace knowhow, to steer the lost and afraid to success and greater self-esteem. Suzanne’s intervention represents excellent value particularly when compared to other offers of a similar service.

MB, Project Manager

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I have a lovely new job, a clear focus and direction to take myself in in the future.

Before, I was desperate and couldn’t see anything more than fear or worry. I’d lost the big picture and was panicking.

When I first contacted Suzanne, because she is talkative, I was worried about not having time to express myself but this was far from the case. I enjoyed her motivational support and the fact it was holistic and relevant to me personally. I liked everything about the service and there is nothing more I could have asked for.

I now have a lovely new job, a clear focus and direction to take myself in in the future.

People need to go for it without being worried about sharing their personal things and feelings with you. It was worth it for me.

JJ, Researcher

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Weekends were a combination of nursing a hangover and growing anxiety about going back to work on Monday

I had been dissatisfied with my role for 4 years before contacting Suzanne. As things got worse in the job and in my personal life I adjusted downwards and finally reached the point where getting up, going to work and coming home was the sum total of my life. Weekends were a combination of nursing a hangover and growing anxiety about going back to work on Monday. Slowly the negativity of my working environment had taken over everything. I felt I was waiting for the axe to fall but too unsure of which frying pan to jump to next.

Looking for a new role when you have no energy is very difficult. Discussions with well-meaning friends don’t really help, some tell you what you want to hear and some tell you that they like their job so you should do the same one they do! Eventually I reached a low point at work where it was obvious I needed to make a dramatic change.

Working with Suzanne was very helpful in a number of ways. Firstly, I liked the structure and the honesty was critically important too. I needed to hear an independent view. Secondly, on a practical level, I have a useful LI profile and CV and masses of new skills in interviewing, how to find new roles and how to make the most of a role. I have a much more positive outlook on myself and work actually.

Advice for my old self

If I had any advice to give myself four years ago it would be: don’t leave it too late, the lower you get the harder it is to make a break and that someone who is outside of your circle can often see things with much greater clarity and offer more pertinent advice. If your work environment is getting you down as much as mine was then you owe it to yourself (and also probably your long suffering partner!) to have someone who can help you fight back.

I felt that Suzanne went above and beyond, particularly regarding the death in the family we had and my heightened sense of panic. Her professional network is good to have on tap too if needed. For sure I feel I have had value in return for the investment. I don’t see what I would have done otherwise to be honest.

I secured a new role in a short period of time while working with Suzanne, but what has been a revelation is that I have a new found sense of confidence, including the realisation that if it is not working for me I know what to do now to not be trapped by it.