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Over 300 CVs received, 8 chosen for interview

Seeing as you updated my CV for me, I thought you’d like to know that during the interview for the Head of Communications role, the Marketing Director told me she had received over 300 CVs for the role. She had selected just 8 to interview – of which I was one (pretty chuffed).

Cover Letter:
Wow that cover letter is kick ass! Having that will stand me in great stead as I can tailor it accordingly to other roles.


It was the singular best thing I have done this year about getting my career on track

Before we spoke, I was deeply frustrated, annoyed and puzzled as to why I wasn’t getting the roles I was applying for. It was really bringing me down.

In fact at some points I felt like applying to go back into old roles or too junior roles, or voluntary posts, just so that I’d be working. An element of desperation had begun to set in. I see now that this would have definitely been the wrong thing to do. It was right for me to stop, refocus, and continue forward knowingly. You helped me refocus so I could identify what is important to me and how to get on with it, including giving very concrete actions to take.

I felt you ‘got’ me immediately. It was like having an excellent friend who is a combined HR guru/ career advisor/ PR specialist. Now, knowing myself better has not only helped me re-adjust my career settings moving forwards, but it also helped me understand exactly why things went wrong in the past.

There was a single low point in my 20 year career which I eventually walked away from, but that experience had left me feeling like a failure. You identified that it was the organisational culture that was in divergence with my core values. This was a light bulb moment. For the first time, I understand the reasons why I couldn’t continue at that company and now have the language to articulate that episode with clarity.

I’ve accepted a new part time role in Higher Education that meets my core motivations and am hoping that this will open doors to further opportunities with them in the future.

I believe this investment in myself was money well spent and I’m not sure I would have made the decisions I have without this support.

Working with you was the singular best thing I have done this year to get my thinking about career issues on track. Not only did I get the opportunity to understand myself and my work life better, refocussing my thinking about what is important to me, crucially it helped steer me away from poorer decisions too.

On top of this (and excuse the analogy, folks), you get a friendly, thoughtful and professional individual in your corner, with a wet sponge when it doesn’t go to plan (and some fighting analysis about what to do next), and a massive cheer and bell ring when it does!

Bill, Learning Consultant and Lecturer

She uncovered ambitions long forgotten and tucked away

I was frustrated that the industry I’m in was not fulfilling and that the most senior influential individual in the business was not appreciative of my skills or contribution, which made me feel undervalued. Having reached a point of frustration in my current role, thoughts turned to the what, how, when of changing my career path.

My fear was that Suzanne would lack substance, be too fluffy or would push me too fast into making decisions. None of which was the case. Suzanne carefully guided me through a thorough evaluation of my strengths to root around in my career and personal goals, uncovering ambitions long forgotten and tucked away. The exercise was revealing and her considerate approach allowed me to honestly assess what made me tick.

The biggest ‘reveal’ and main reason that tipped me into calling upon her services in the first place was not going to go away but her advice and illuminating insight, gave me some tools to approach that problem with an improved confidence in my own ability and the foresight to confront matters head on.

There may well be a complete career change in years to come but like many people, the pitfalls (financial, starting at the bottom again, fear of failure) are currently larger than the issues I had been facing. There aren’t many who, after this process, would say that not changing career is a success, but I am far better qualified to take informed action with ease. Notwithstanding, the advice will still be useful when that time comes but it is also useful for today.

Finally, I’d like to say how much value I got. I’d recommend Suzanne to others facing a similar career roadblock. This was not fluffy, navel gazing personality based assassination – it’s been a valuable, professional and extremely useful journey with many a belly laugh along the way. Many thanks Suzanne.

Sales Director, SME Software Company