Client Reviews

Client feedback is always appreciated. Read on to see what people are saying about my Career Clarity Service.

I loved how thorough you were regarding interview questions and company research

I wanted to move on but ensure that I didn’t accept a position that wasn’t really what I was looking for, like I’d done in the past.

I enjoyed having someone (other than family) to bounce my thoughts off. I loved how thorough you were regarding interview questions and company research. You also kept reminding me of what I needed to have and needed to avoid in my next role relating to the initial questionnaire I completed.

My CV and LinkedIn profile are now fantastic. One of the hiring managers who interviewed me said it’s one of the best CVs they’d ever seen. On LinkedIn, the number of direct contacts I’ve received is incredible. Even now that I have indicated that I’m no longer looking for a position, I’m still getting enquiries.

While I was looking at salary and location, one of the most important factors was that you kept reminding of other facts I would have missed.

I had two job offers. Having you guide me through the whole process, with interview questions, company research and multiple discussions helped me make the right decision for my future. Applying and accepting an offer is not something we do often – but it’s critical that we make the right decision.

It’s always tough starting a new job, but I love my new job and feel energised. I highly recommend you.

Debbie Pienaar, Software Automation Analyst

I have a much stronger idea of how to make the job hunting process work for me, rather than for the potential employer

Before we spoke,I had been feeling demoralised and was in danger of believing that I was not able to achieve anything. I knew that I wanted to make a change but needed some help to see where the correct path lay.  I knew that this time I wanted to make a considered career move and not just a desperate leap into something different.

After I became Suzanne’s client, her assessment of me and my situation during our first session was spot on and this increased my confidence.  I also liked her balance between listening and talking.  Her personal approach/style made me feel valued.  My only concern was that I might go through the process and not learn anything new. However, I did and my confidence has grown through being able to articulate my thoughts in a non-judgmental environment.

I have more self-awareness and a much stronger idea of how to make the job hunting process work for me rather than for the potential employer. I have also found that the knowledge I have gained relates to other areas of my life as well.  It has made me realise that perhaps I have had an unrealistic expectation that work would supply all my motivational needs.

Suzanne is a thoughtful, caring listener who helped me identify and assess my job and career priorities. She then gave me motivational and practical advice on how to go out and find what I wanted.

If you are are in doubt, take the opportunity for a free initial call and see if you get along.

Sara, Business Analyst at Oxbridge

Had the choice of two great roles!

Before I asked Suzanne to help me, I was stuck and lacked momentum and confidence. I ended up with a choice of two better roles in the end. Thank you so much to Suzanne for all of her support and help during this process, her great work re. my CV and LI profile, and excellent (if sometimes necessarily tough ha ha!) advice over various emails and phone calls.

Anonymous Web Developer