Client Testimonials

Whilst everyone is unique, I am delighted to be able to share stories, comments and testimonials from current and past clients.

Everyone knows that looking for a new role is full of uncertainty, frustration and hassle. It can be a very stressful time – not just for you but for your loved ones too.

If you’re intelligent, over 40 and unsure what your midlife career change should be, I can help you. If you are not getting the interviews or job offers you think you should be, I can help you. If you want to get noticed in a crowded marketplace, I can help you.

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You’ve opened doors already that I know I wouldn’t have got through before

I lost my job in the Travel Industry in as a result of the Covid pandemic. Furloughed first, then made redundant. The industry I had worked in for all my career (25+ years) was now closed. All business had disappeared and no one was allowed to travel. I therefore had to start looking for work in new industries fast and get applying which I did.

However I very quickly realised that my CV just wasn’t hitting the mark with employers. Trying to tailor a lifetime of ‘travel industry’ tasks, projects and specialist skills into non-travel roles, was much harder than I first thought.

I therefore decided to get some help from Suzanne, a career coach specialising in helping the over 40s. The first thing I did was a questionnaire on my ‘work’ motivations and what to look for in my future working life.

Personalised Recommendations

Suzanne analysed my answers and created a detailed and bespoke 14 page written report showing what actionable steps I should follow.

She gave recommendations and links on how to take things further. Her report also included information about industries to look into (that would suit me) and tailored interview questions for me to ask. We also looked at my skills, classifying them into those which have the greatest value in today’s job market and which were transferable!

These recommendations were beginning to give me a boost and foster an approach of how I should move ahead which I desperately needed.

Confidence boosting tool kit

We looked at my CV and LinkedIn which Suzanne re-wrote providing me with two CV templates (i.e. a ‘travel’ related CV and a non-travel one) that I can tweak for each role I apply for. They are well written and I have had recruiters comment on how well they read. More importantly, my CV almost instantly begun to open doors and I am now getting to the interview stage which is exciting and motivating.

I have totally changed since this process started, to a busy, motivated job searcher. It’s all due to you and I have come so far since I first asked for your help. Thank you.

Personalised ongoing support

Suzanne is skilled, intuitive and passionate about her work. Her efficient techniques really help her to get to know your motivations and skillsets so she can start to help quickly. The process is tough (job searching is tough!), you need to be disciplined and you get homework, but it’s all aimed at preparing you for your next role, the right role for you.

I am so glad I met Suzanne and see her as my secret weapon and ally as I navigate the complex waters of getting my next job in these extra difficult Covid times. Thank you for all of your help, empathy and coaching so far Suzanne. For anyone who needs assistance with their future career choices, I can highly recommend Suzanne to anyone who is a bit lost with their career and needs direction and support.

ED, Project Manager, Travel

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The unexpected outcomes of working with you far, far overreach and outweigh the expected.

Before we spoke for the first time, I was stuck and unable to put my own CV together, let alone find a new job (new life as I saw it then) after being made redundant after 16 years from a job I loved that I identified with very strongly.

I had asked a CV writing company to write me a CV, they messed it up and in the meantime a previous client of yours recommended you and the rest is history! After my awful experience with them, I was worried if you were going to know your stuff. I mean I’m the expert on me but I needed an expert on the task of finding a job and you are that!

I had been feeling overwhelmed, daunted stressed, annoyed, super annoyed. But also excited about learning about the process of finding work. Being unemployed and the time you spend in between jobs is not nice, end of. But I am so glad I found you, invested in myself by engaging you because you have not only made it bearable, you made it exciting, positive, hopeful.

You made your coaching about me and making me better, you made it about so much more than finding me any old job. You made me whole again and a better whole at it. Different. And better. That I did not expect and that is your biggest gift to me and the one I will treasure most. It’s invaluable. You have been invaluable.

I enjoyed so many things about working with you. That you genuinely listened. That you are smart and funny and witty and put two and two together quickly. That you are smarter than me in your subject area, I like working with people like that. That you answered all my questions. That we worked TOGETHER in fact, not you for me. We collaborated on project Me, that’s how it felt to me and I loved that little adventure of ours! How well you knew me, almost instantly. How you didn’t pander to me and my moods or whims. You were strong. I love that!

I feel, oh gosh, a hundred fold that I have had value in return for the investment I made. There is genuinely nothing that I would have wished that you had given me. I feel I got MORE from you than I asked for or could have imagined I needed. I knew what I wanted but you knew what I needed. The unexpected outcomes of working with you far, far overreach and outweigh the expected. It’s crazy!

To anyone who was thinking about working with you I would say, “Go for it. Allow yourself to need a little help.” You said that to me and I think you’re dead right. It’s worth showing yourself to be vulnerable to someone like you, someone who can genuinely help because you know so well what you’re doing and what needs to be done. You take no prisoners – to me that’s the biggest virtue – you have a spine and then some!

You have sort of helped build a new, different, but better Me. I never saw myself in the world of the job you have helped me find but it is bloody perfect for me and I’m beginning to really love it. It’s got all the ingredients of a job that suits me in my stage of life now. I am bloody happy! Relieved, calm, ready for a new challenge, chapter. Confident. Calmer.

Doris Suchet, Business Development Manager

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I know what form my new business will take

Before we spoke for the first time, I was on the verge of a burn out, overly stressed and tired. It had been having a detrimental impact on my mental health, I felt that I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work and stress.

I originally had a question mark about how much you or any other career coach could help me. But I felt that we got on really well, we were on the same wavelength and you understood me, my challenges and feelings well. I think that anyone and everyone would benefit from your services.

I have a motivating, worthwhile and realistic plan where to focus my attention for the next year before I start my own business. I know what form my business will take and who my target clients are. I also feel like I know myself better, I also know that I myself have to start saying no and start putting in controls to stop myself from burning out.

MJ, Recruitment Operations Manager, financial services multinational company