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Deciding on a midlife career change may be causing you some understandable anxiety. Read on to see how others have benefited from my expertise and maybe I can help you navigate your own journey with my consultative career services. Feedback is always appreciated.



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This is an exceptional CV

This is an exceptional CV. Perfect and immaculate! You are so talented – you should start writing books. I may need to become worried as to how I’ll handle the deluge of interviews, but for now, reading through my new CV, I can start to actually like what I have been doing. I don’t think I can change anything at all as I’m absolutely unable to articulate it better. Thank you very much for my remarkable CV.

Senior Analyst

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You are very inspiring!

Thank you Suzanne for your continuing support. I wanted to say how brilliant your coaching has been. You are very inspiring!

JM, Operational Assistant

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You understood me immediately and that’s an amazing skill to have!

Thank you so much for today. I’m feeling such a buzz and I haven’t felt like this in a long time.

Y G, Communications Expert