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Career Clarity Coach UK over 40s

EXCERPT OF A CLIENT LETTER 9 April 2020 Dear Client We’re at the end of week 4 as I see it. Are you finding your new rhythm? A more sustainable balance of compassion for yourself, for others and keeping your …

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financial support

Here are the official links about the UK’s COVID-19 financial support and sources of information. DAILY PRESS CONFERENCE VIDEOS If you want one official daily update, these press conferences are broadcast live at 5pm and hosted here: LATEST IMPACTS …

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pic of fresh choc bars

MODIFIED CLIENT LETTER 18 March 2020 Dear Client You probably don’t want yet more information about the Corona virus as it’s relentless. And quite frankly, that’s the problem. There is ALREADY TOO MUCH! So why am I sending you more? …

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pic of man at desk with head in hands

What if your CEO is the bully? The impact of having had a bullying boss has been likened to that of having post traumatic stress disorder. It’s a massive deal, which costs us greatly. In time, energy and identity. In …

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Bride and groom bouncing on a trampoline

You’ve just found out that you’re losing your job. One day, out of the blue you find out in some – probably heartless – way that you’re losing you job. A horrid moment. You didn’t see this coming. You are …

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Square Peg Round Hole graphic

It’s holiday season. You know how disappointing it is when you try to squeeze into summer clothes that seem to have “shrunk” by themselves over the last 12 months? And you know how, unless you do something about it leading …

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Rusty Suit of Armour

In their 40s, 50s and 60s, after years of putting on a suit of armour to protect themselves from workplace disappointment, most people decide it’s time to Bin the Armour. They no longer want to put up with numbing themselves …

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Trust and other words

“Too many people,” says Ann Francke, Chief Executive of the CMI, “don’t trust managers.”1 As the CMI’s own paper2 demonstrated in 2013, 80% of employees don’t think their manager sets a good example. But aside from lowering their personal standing with their staff, does whether you can trust your manager really matter?