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Stressed man with a mini-man and megaphone

All of my clients have some degree of fear of change. They wouldn’t be human if they didn’t. Some fears speak to us quietly, some loudly, persistently or in waves. Fear is present because our brain wants us to be …

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Choosing not to respond to “injustice” does require effort for us humans. We could easily find many things to battle with every day but that wouldn’t feed our natural positive state. Using a valid example of the lack of interview …

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A stress-o-meter at maximum level

Nearly half of all “sick leave” in the UK is actually “stress leave”* Most of us have been stressed at one time or another for a variety of short-term or longer-term reasons. It’s not fun, to say the least. When …

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Bride and groom bouncing on a trampoline

You’ve just found out that you’re losing your job. One day, out of the blue you find out in some – probably heartless – way that you’re losing you job. A horrid moment. You didn’t see this coming. You are …

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Man in bed about to use hammer to stop alarm clock

A change of routine – like a holiday – often injects us with an increased dose of commitment to make a change to something that’s no longer fulfilling our needs. Deciding to move on from our current role is something …

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Trust and other words

“Too many people,” says Ann Francke, Chief Executive of the CMI, “don’t trust managers.”1 As the CMI’s own paper2 demonstrated in 2013, 80% of employees don’t think their manager sets a good example. But aside from lowering their personal standing with their staff, does whether you can trust your manager really matter?