We’ve all done it: we’ve climbed the ladder, taken the promotion, thinking “this is what I’ve been working towards so surely I’ll be happier now”.  We’ve learned the hard way that just because it looks good on paper, it isn’t always a fit.

You will already have swapped roles and organisations before – but something is still missing. You want to find your right direction and make that shift, but at this stage in your career – and your life –  you want to get it right.

That’s where I come in.

I help you see what’s possible for you and make this change happen.

I’m NOT here to say that your only options are to do a variation of what you’re doing – or that you have to start at the bottom to make a change. Good news: my clients do not have to do this.

I’m NOT here to tell you need to make a wild change to become astronaut or something unrealistic! Instead we come up with something that’s aspirational and exciting, that feels completely right for you – while being realistic. For your needs, and YOUR stage in life.

No, you DON’T only have value within your current industry. I show you what else is possible – that’s my job! I’ve helped people change roles and enter completely new fields or start businesses.

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