Suzanne Bourner Career Coach for the UK's over 40s

Transition from global brand marketing to 1-2-1 career coaching

I know about your imposter syndrome. I know about the stories you tell yourself to avoid rejection, to make the effort. I understand your questions about researching roles, job alert overload, your doubt about using LinkedIn properly. I also know how to write CVs and cover letters that bring interviews fast.

When I write an application, people can expect at least one interview for every three applications. And sometimes an interview is offered with the very first application! And then people are faced with the luxury of more than one job offer.

Your life can be changed for the better sooner than you think!

My Own Story

What on earth led me to providing the UK’s over 40s with career clarity? I could easily have carried on marketing household brands such as Panasonic, HP, Alcatel-Lucent, Royal Mail, SSE, Siemens and Orange. After all, I had a marketing degree so surely I should stick with what my qualification validated?

I was updating corporate brands, writing about their offerings and researching market trends. Around the same time colleagues were voicing their concerns not knowing what was going on within the organisation.

Respecting people

In 1997, whilst I was working for HP, I filled the void of organisational information between senior managers and their teams by taking it upon myself to write content  that communicated messages accurately and inspiringly, even though that wasn’t my role.

Later, I discovered that this activity was called internal communications. I hadn’t actually known that was a thing.


I gave confidence to people about their workplace future. I became the one person who wrote all the CEO’s emails and all the Chairman and Directors’ speeches for staff events. I created anonymous intranet micro-sites and employee surveys and analysed results.

Confidential support

I started to provide to people what I now know to be career coaching. They became motivated as they got greater clarity about what was important to them.

I helped them as a writer too – writing sensitive emails, helping with presentations, even helping them outside my day job writing CVs and cover letters, understanding their unique skill offerings in the world of work.

Everyone has a path

After working in internal communications I was an Employee Engagement Manager and then a People Coach. That was the last small stepping stone I needed.

My mission has been unchanged for decades: I want people to be proud of what they do to earn their living. My whole background has been invaluable and I am so grateful for everyone who has shaped my experience!

And now, a Career Change and Clarity Coach

A Certified Professional Coach (level 7 ILM), I know all about your imposter syndrome. I know about avoiding rejection, making the effort, researching roles, job alert overload, doubt about using LinkedIn properly. I have written hundreds of CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters that bring interviews fast. A new role toolkit needs to be accurate as well as appealing. The most ethical way to present someone well it is to learn about and care about my clients so that the toolkit reflects them well.

I love getting the right person’s foot through the right door. When my clients get offered roles – or start their own business – the only credit I can genuinely take is whatever the client chooses to give me. But I do allow myself to get rather excited for them.

Who I work with

I work with accomplished, proactive people over 40 in the UK who are committed to making positive changes in their professional lives and maybe even to the planet. I particularly enjoy working with demanding clients who listen and take action. They are more satisfying to work with as they get better and very often faster results.

If you are managing your career well enough at the moment, that’s brilliant. Why not bookmark this page in case you have a future career crossroads?

However, if you are ready to take action and shape your future, why not Schedule an Appointment for a complimentary  conversation and tell me about your situation? We all need guidance and genuine support at some time or another.

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