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Suzanne Bourner, Motivating Career Coach

I’m Suzanne Bourner and I’m a Motivating Career Coach for people in the UK.

I can’t bear seeing people who are decidedly unhappy in their work, who feel they could do something else but for whatever reason, do nothing about it.

For 20 years I’ve worked in brand marketing, employee engagement and change management for organisations like Panasonic, Orange, Siemens, SSE, Alcatel-Lucent, The Office of Fair Trading, Hogg Robinson and Hewlett-Packard. I’ve learned how to discover what people want and how to market what they have. I’ve observed time and time again that people seem to settle for being unfulfilled at work and think that’s the only option. Not so.

When you are unhappy in your work, you suffer and so do those around you. All of that suffering eventually takes its toll.

Answer me truthfully:

        1. When you tell someone for the first time what you do for a living, are you 100% OK with not being proud of what you say?
          Yes or No
        2. Are you 100% OK with pressing the pause button on your happiness?
          Yes or No
        3. Are you 100% OK with the idea that your career could well be based on someone else’s choice and not actually your own?
          Yes or No

If you answered No to just one of these questions, book a call right now to tell me about your situation so I can offer you ideas for the most appropriate Next Steps for your career.

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If you answered Yes to just one of these questions, then I am delighted and wish you professional success and much happiness!


I like nothing more than finding out what makes people tick, revealing their most suitable choices – and accompanying their journey at each crossroads.


Decades ago, ever since I started my working life, I have been helping people understand themselves so they can see their unique offerings in the workplace.

– I have a marketing degree and have always enjoyed finding and communicating people’s skills or business ideas (marketing)
– I have listened to and supported 1000s of people when I worked in change management, internal comms and employee engagement (psychology)
– I have written hundreds and hundreds of CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters (writer)
– People have always trusted my guidance on their professional matters (confidential)
– I have a Coaching and Mentoring qualification (ethical)


In 2017, I decided once and for all to dedicate all my time to helping people when they are lost and have this big question to answer: where now? It is my privilege to champion and guide my clients as they discover what professional direction suits them best and what steps to take now.

Who do you know who wants to change career? Would it be worth forwarding this website to them? It’s nice to be nice!


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