Crossroad signpost saying this way, that way, another way concept for lost, confusion or decisions

Would you like 2020 Career Clarity?

Maybe you’re at a career crossroads and a bit confused?

  • Do you want to know specifically what you personally need to look for – and avoid – in your next career move?
  • Do you want to understand what’s most important to you professionally at this stage of your life?
  • Do you want to understand precisely to what level your current situation is fulfilling you – or not fulfilling you – and why?
  • Do you want to know whether being employed or self-employed would suit you best?
  • For a new role, do you want to know the most important questions that you personally need to ask the interviewer?
  • For a new business or creative endeavour, do you want to know what sort of options would be good to explore?

I help the UK’s intelligent over 40s who are thinking of a new role or possible career change but are feeling a bit lost and don’t have clarity on what direction to take.

When you are happy at work – whether in employment your own business – you thrive. You do your best work, have the best ideas and seem to have loads of energy. And this has a greater impact on everyone you are in contact with – your colleagues, customers, friends and family. When you recognise and accommodate what is uniquely important to you, you can be much more confident in your professional choices. It’s life changing.

My clients are highly capable, experienced senior employed and even self-employed people in the UK, predominantly over 40, ready to make a significant career move but are feeling somewhat stuck at their particular career crossroads. I uncover what’s uniquely important to people at this stage in life and guide their transition towards either a motivating new role or a motivating new business – or something else!

“No matter how people reach their career crossroads, it is my privilege to help them re-calibrate their compass and guide them towards their motivating working life.”

My clients learn what is professionally uniquely important to them at this stage in their life and what they must have and avoid in the future to feel fulfilled, excited and renewed. That brings clarity and relief even though it might be a bit unexpected! Then I help to open the right doors for them and lead them through.